Introducing: Start With Care Consulting

We are a unique consultancy experience.  Focused on supporting companies, new and old, in their efforts to better engage their customers through authentic relationships.  We provide strategic guidance, principles guidelines, and live service models that provide seamless customer feedback loops, proactive social support and engagement, and specialize in helping turn your customers into advocates, and then advocates into super-advocates.  “A Happy Customer Tells 3 friends, an Unhappy one tells 10?”  Not anymore.  A Happy Customer tells 3,000, and an unhappy customer blasts you on Twitter, Facebook, The Consumerist…to 10,000 and beyond.  We make happy.


It's Never too Early to Start Caring for Your Players...



We’re a private consultancy that has helped the smallest to the very largest game developers and companies in the world map successful journeys to incredible customer engagement – resulting in creased player acquisition, monetization, and retention.  We can help you, too. Now, is always a great time to start.

To Outsource or Not to Outsource? Vendors, RFP's, and Tech Stacks, Oh My!

Working out a strategy for customer support or community moderation?  We can help.  Stuck trying to decide which vendors to consider, what tech solutions might suit your needs, which processes to keep in-house and which to outsource…or even how to go about a successful RFP?  We’ve done it all before, we know the players, their strengths and weaknesses, we know what works. We can help.

Start-Up? Mid-Tier? or Big Fish in the Bay?

We’ve worked with all sizes.  If you want a better way forward, if you want help to better engage and understand your customers, improve how you reach them, master how to support them, learn how to capture and comb through the customer data, understand how to manage beyond LTV to total customer value, including social value?  Well, we’re here to help.  We’re flexible.  We’ll work around your capabilities and help you reach your needs.

So here’s the gist…

It’s never too early to start thinking about how you will support, engage, and care for your customers.  The concept of customer support, or customer service, is undergoing a massive change.  Reactive support is not enough anymore, Proactive engagement, active listening, and real-time analytics are the new standard.  Social, Community, Engagement aren’t just terms to us, they are strategies that when applied correctly build businesses.

Customer Care is engagement.  It is where the world is going, and caring for customers through developing conversations, relationships, and eventually mutual trust is where true success can be found for today’s entrepreneurs and business leaders.  Today, successful companies are learning to leverage social media, brand community, and better quality customer support interactions to develop lasting customer relationships.  Our company is helping companies like yours do this today.  It is what we do.

Quality customer relationships leads to a better customer experience, a better product or service experience, happier customers, a more loyal fan-base, and ultimately a healthier – more prosperous company!

Let us help you start developing a better customer experience.